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Students now and then recommend Add Oil Cantonese !  
*The testimonials are published in their original written languages. 

Patricia Yam (Sat Playgroup 2020-2021)

We are very happy to have found Wai Yin and Add Oil Cantonese! My daughter has been attending her online classes during the Covid pandemic. We do not speak Cantonese regularly in our home, so my daughter started classes with no background in Cantonese speaking nor listening. Importantly, Wai Yin tailors the class to the kids' learning level and backgrounds, and keeps the classes fun and active, with songs, games, actions etc. Since attending class, my daughter can be heard singing Cantonese songs to herself at random moments during the day. My daughter enjoys sharing what she has learned with my husband (non-Cantonese speaker) and mother (Cantonese speaker). Wai Yin provides encouragement and support for the families to speak Cantonese outside the class with weekly challenges to do at home. Sharing the weekly challenges with the other families via a private group motivates my daughter to persevere when a challenge is difficult and she has problems mastering it. It's also fun to see everyone else learning as well. In addition, the positive learning atmosphere has motivated me to speak more Cantonese at home, so that overall my daughter has started to build her vocabulary and her comprehension at an impressive speed.

Sharon Lee (Sun Playgroup 2020-2021)

I highly recommended this children’s Cantonese class to all overseas parents.

Donna is an experienced and thoughtful teacher. She always tries to bring a variety of materials and techniques to the classes to encourage children to learn Cantonese, including (but not limited to) story telling, singing, gaming, role playing, team competitions and weekly challenges. She also makes a lot of cute and attractive handcrafts for the lessons. She is extremely organised and always well-prepared for the class - we always get the class agenda in advance which help us to better prepare our little ones. Beside scheduled classes, Donna shares a lot of useful online materials with us via a private group. I really enjoy her class and very much appreciate her hard work and passion on teaching.

Wai Yin sometimes joins our classes as a visionary - they are passionate and always want to improve. That’s why I think their classes are so unique and effective.

Grandma Lam

A silver lining of the social distancing during the pandemic is getting to know Kwok Lo-Si (Teacher Kwok) last summer . Our granddaughter, Joan (5 year-old), became a motivated student in Cantonese within two months. In her Gratitude Journal, her entry two weeks ago under “name three things you are thankful for today”: she wrote Kwok Lo-Si. She has made amazing progress after 8 lessons with Kwok Lo-Si last summer. She even took on the challenge to sing the theme song in the Wong Fei Hung movie - a song she now loves to sing with her Dad.  Joan’s interest in Cantonese is infectious - her Mom and Dad are learning the language too.  Joan is looking forward to every Friday afternoon at Grandma's ! Salute to the innovative teaching of Teacher Kwok!

Tafline T. (Sat Playgroup 2020-2021)

Love your class. My daughter is a bit shy, but after class and randomly during the week she breaks out in songs or certain words she's learned from you. These classes have been great for both of us as we get to hear and practise our Cantonese. Really enjoy how interactive and the different teaching  methods used. Online learning can be a bit tedious and the effort you've put in to mix it up is very much appreciated!

Sarah M. ( Sat Playgroup 2020-2021)

We’ve been so happy with this class! We live in Seattle and Mandarin is the only language offered for traditional Saturday school. Having this virtual class has been a gift for our entire family; it’s pushed my husband to practice with my daughter at home. Cantonese is hard for my daughter! Her relatives who speak it live far away, but we are finding that the classes are giving her confidence in other parts of her life. She told us recently that she’s “good at languages especially Cantonese.” My husband hated Chinese school as a child and was embarrassed to speak Cantonese, so we are so happy and grateful to have this class and for our daughter to have a more positive language learning experience!

Patricia Yam (Read & Write)

Donna used a jamboard (interactive whiteboard), games and activities, to make the online Read and Write class a real success. My child really enjoyed the class, and she learned a lot. It was much more fun and dynamic (compared to my traditional Chinese school days), and the small class size allowed every child to participate.

Alice (Sun Playgroup 2021)

My daughter enjoyed her Cantonese class with Ms Donna. The group class was interactive and fun. The teacher made sure to give personal attention to each kid during class. We can’t wait for the next session. Thank you!

Irene Ng (Sat Playgroup 2020-2021)

Wai Yin is a great teacher who uses many different methods to keep the kids engaged. The songs really help with learning pronunciation, and the games help make words 'sticky' with my daughter. This is silver lining from the pandemic is having the opportunity to have met Wai Yin and have access to her classes!

Carrie F. (Conversation Group for age 7-10, 2020-2021)

We would recommend this course, as my son (10 yo) has gained much confidence with speaking to us in Cantonese since doing the course and he really enjoys the classes. It's fun and engaging.  He
learnt a lot through playing games and singing songs. Thank you and we will join you again next term.

Elaine Chow (Sat Playgroup 2018- 2021)

Wai Yin's Cantonese classes are fun and engaging! Weekly songs and activities encourage kids to participate and there's no pressure to pronounce words perfectly. Jackson loves singing the songs at home and continuously shows interest to learn new vocabulary. We recommend Miss Wai Yin's classes to parents looking to develop more Cantonese language skills with their child. 

Louise Lam (Sat Playgroup 2021)

Wai Yin is fun and enthusiastic. The games and songs are helpful in engaging young students. I would highly recommend her class to young families.

Ginette Sea (Beginner, Elementary, Playgroup 2018)

The playgroup was engaging with a flexible pace and structure, and a good balance of songs, vocabulary, stories and culture. Learning Cantonese has been a meaningful experience, it’s given me a sense of continuity and community around speaking the language that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I’m so grateful for it. The class and playgroup have been a gift in my life that have equipped and inspired me to do further study and activities.  I highly recommend them both!

Bethany Or (Intermediate, Playgroup 2018)

I recently completed a parent-and-child Cantonese course with Wai-Yin and highly recommend it! Both my 11-month-old and I enjoyed the songs, stories and games, and it was enriching to meet other parents interested in speaking Cantonese with their children. Wai-Yin is a skilled teacher, using lots of fun activities that capture the imagination of both child and parent. Both my baby and I got a lot out of the course and will sign up for another session!

Michael Lossos, Hong Kong (Private class)

Wai Yin was my Cantonese instructor for nearly two years. Her lessons elevated my spoken Cantonese from a smattering of words and phrases to lively conversations with family over dim sum. Wai-yin is patient, thorough, responsible, intelligent, and fun. Classes with her were productive and always enjoyable. She remains the only Cantonese teacher I have known that could readily identify any tone without hesitation. Her skills as a linguist are very strong, as evidenced by her fluency in French, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. She has a passion for languages and it shows. I highly recommend Wai-yin as teacher, translator, and linguist.

Tony Tran (Beginner)

If you are interested in learning Cantonese, I highly recommend Wai Yin as your teacher. I'm very pleased with the results from this level 1 class. I feel like I can grow from here and on, as I got the basic structure and understanding of the language. I have tried to learn by my own (anki flashcard, "fluent forever" technique, podcast, books and such). Nothing works better than learning from an actual teacher! She understands the barriers between English and Cantonese and she is able to facilitate your transition into "real-life-colloquial-Cantonese". Lesson 1 teaches you the structure and the basic elements to be able to create simple sentences. As soon as the first class, you will start to exchange in Cantonese with the rest of the group. Make no mistakes, it's not easy. But she really accelerates your progress and makes sure you are on your way to eventually master Cantonese!

Lee Lai (Beginner)

Add Oil Cantonese made the very daunting journey of beginning Cantonese an incredibly stimulating and joyful experience. I was touched by the flexibility and careful listening both teachers provided in each class, to make sure every person was getting their needs met. The Instructors’ passion for teaching and for the language is apparent throughout their methods.

Patricia Wang (Débutant, élémentaire, cours privé en ligne)

Je recommande fortement les cours avec Add Oil Cantonese! L'apprentissage est axé sur le parlé, les exercices clairs et amusants sont bien adaptés au niveau du groupe et ils nous enseignent pleins d'éléments culturels cantonais/hong-kongais. Le matériel pédagogique est bien organisé et il est assez étoffé pour que les plus avancé.e.s aient plus de jus et puissent retourner étudier le matériel une fois le cours fini. Bref, je termine ma session avec une réelle motivation et une fierté de parler cantonais. Merci Add Oil Cantonese de me permettre d'apprendre la langue maternelle de mes parents!

Kattalin Bidegain, Hong Kong (Cours en ligne)

Je suis ravie de mes cours particuliers de Cantonais via Skype avec Add Oil Cantonese. J'ai commencé en connaissant seulement quelques mots basiques de vocabulaire et mon prof a totalement adapté le contenu de son cours à mes capacités et centres d'intérêts. Avoir un prof particulier m'a vraiment  permis de faire des bons de géant en Cantonais et après 3 mois je suis assez à l'aise pour tenir une petite conversation (à condition que mon interlocuteur parle lentement). Je vis à HK et pouvoir enfin me faire comprendre en Cantonais dans la rue et les magasins/restaurants change mon quotidien. Je recommande ces cours à tout le monde les yeux fermés !

Sandra Coppola (Beginner, Elementary, Online private class)

Wai Yin is a skilled and dedicated teacher. It is much fun to learn Cantonese in her classroom since she is patient and always cheerful. There is no pressure to perform, but the pleasure to learn, improve and challenge ourselves is always felt. She can speak different languages, which comes in handy when there are people from different background in class. I would definitely recommend Wai Yin’s Cantonese classes. 

Shelton Regis (Beginner)

Our teacher is the best. Her communication skills and ability to teach are amazing. She will understand your broken Cantonese speaking easily compared to someone else. She's able to switch between different languages easily and it helps the teaching. It felt, as though we had a formal class as she was always available and present to teach for us. I recommend this class, or should I say, this language teacher to anyone! She has a great knack at teaching, communicating, explaining and more!

Parker Mah (Beginner, Private class)

Wai Yin is a fantastic Cantonese teacher. She's very patient, passionate about the material (a Cantonese crusader!) and also highly adaptable to the unique level and needs of each student. She also places a lot of importance on oral expression and comprehension, a rare quality. Most of all, she keeps her classes fun and practical, teaching an authentic Cantonese that one can apply immediately in any conversational context.

Rosalind Wong (Intermediate, Private class)

I love Wai Yin's approach to teaching Cantonese classes, which are always engaging, interactive, and incredibly creative!  Wai Yin really takes the time to gear her lessons to her students' interests, whether that be music, social commentary, family etc.  Such a refreshing departure from the traditional Chinese school I grew up attending.  These classes have also been an important space for me to meet people with varying levels and strengths in different aspects of the language and different relationships to Chinese heritage and identity.

Anne Vu (Beginner)

Really loved this class. Teacher is really good at explaining and simplifying a concept. After only one semester, I can start saying a few simple sentences.