Cantonese Resources

These useful resources are mainly for adult learners. Resources for children will come soon. For now, please visit Freebies & Printables for children.

Cantonese typing

One way to speed up your Cantonese learning is be able to use properly a dictionary, this will require typing in romanization. There are several ways introduced here, you will find one that is suitable for you.

Free Cantonese textbooks and grammar exercises

Phrases, sentence structure and grammar learning for beginner to advanced levels. Suitable for self- learning. The romanization system used is Yale.

Cantonese resources all-in-one

The website has not been updated for a while but there is a great deal of resources on it such as dictionaries recommendations, Cantonese literature...

Cantonese for Families

It's a blog with various resources especially interesting for kids, from TV programs to festival resources. You will find printables as well for you and your kids to teach/ learn.

cantonese podcasts

Cantonese podcasts

This is for more advanced students to practice listening skills. Wide range of topics from Science, social issues to entrepreneurship.

cantonese romanized karaoke

Cantonese karaoke with romanization

A few songs with romanization for you to start being the k king or k queen ! They are not necessarily the most recent ones, but there are s few cult songs from Sam Hui and Leslie Cheung from the 70s-80s that the lyrics were written based on the social phenomena then. A great way to learn local culture ! 

Cantonese Dictionaries 

For beginner students, you can start with some online dictionaries and apps: 


CC- Canto (Canto-Eng dictionary, jyutping searchable)

Sheik (dictionary and online learning website)


Pleco app 

Hanping app

Cantonese converter (Chinese character → Cantonese pinyin)

Translate Voice ( Multilingual speech translator)

Cantonese 101 ( Though it's easily accessible, it lacks in-depth explanation, users should double check meanings with another dictionary)

Secmenu app ( Chinese to English, very good app as you start to learn typing in jyutping. Characters can be generated as writing exercise)

As you get more advanced, this comprehensive dictionary with over 4k characters will be more suitable for your needs: 

Cantonese Phonic

The app above has been developed based on this database with over 13k characters:

Chinese Character Database- Chinese University of Hong Kong

Etymology, radical dictionary, Chinese philosophy and ancient texts:

Chinese text project

Last but not least, if you would like to get a hard copy dictionary, this is the one recommended to students who cannot use a regular English-Chinese dictionary (without romanization). This dictionary is comprehensive and the three romanization systems are really helpful. There are two parts: A and B. 

For advanced students who can read Chinese, it will be ideal to get a proper Chinese-English dictionary which is much easier to find at any bookstores.