Wai Yin is the Founder and Instructor of Add Oil Cantonese. She is also a professional Translator and Community Interpreter working at public services in Montreal. Passionate about languages, she has always been learning new languages since she was a teenager. Learning new languages is a humble attempt for her to understand other cultures and that is the way she maintains interest toward the world like a child. She speaks Cantonese, French, English and Mandarin at a professional level and Spanish at a conversational level.

As a Community Interpreter, she has the privilege to work regularly with Speech Therapists, Language Specialists and Special Educators, that offered to her years of on-the-ground experience in order to comprehend children's needs and development.

Before becoming a mother of two lovely girls, Wai Yin was very involved in dance and drama. She danced flamenco (and other genres) for over 10 years and received training in community theatre. Her pedagogy is inspired by dance and drama, she firmly believes in the Total Physical Response (TPR) method in which beginner language learners can effectively assimilate the meaning of a new vocabulary by an active physical experience. She is particularly interested to introduce more drama elements in her language classes especially in children's classes. As someone who has discovered so much pleasure in learning languages, she wishes to pass this on to her students. To know more about Wai Yin's professional trajectory, please visit waiyinkwok.net

Donna is the Instructor of Add Oil Cantonese. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, Shueng Shui to be exact. Before moving to Montreal, Canada, she worked as a Journalist in Hong Kong for about 10 years. Beside teaching Cantonese, she is also a Translator in TV and film. 

Donna speaks Cantonese, English, conversational French and Mandarin. Being a language learner herself, Donna finds that she learns the best when the teacher is  funny and animated.

Fun is therefore the essence in Donna’s class. For little learners, Donna likes to incorporate games, stories and music into learning. She designs the classes so as to maintain a good balance between media-aided teaching materials and organic human interactions. 

The same applies to her adult students, between complete beginners to fluent speakers looking to perfecting reading. Donna teaches in a lively manner, making sure her students find the learning process enjoyable and memorable.