We propose Cantonese online courses by topics of interest

Please contact us if you would like to be part of these lessons or if you have a new topic to suggest! As soon as there are two people interested in a particular course, the class will be offered. Stay tuned! More new topics to come...

Cantonese: to Impress Your (Future) In-laws 一家人廣東話  (Jat1 Gaa1 Jan4 Gwong2 Dung1 Waa2)

Married for years but you can only say m4goi1 and hou2sik6 in Cantonese to your in-laws? This course is for you !

  • Five 1.5 hr pick up classes for beginners
  • Family-oriented
  • Beyond aunties and uncles: Chinese family hierarchy and family tree explained
  • Quick fix on the dining table: Dos and Don’ts 
  • How to refuse or express a negative opinion in a polite manner?
  • Elderly psychology 101
  • How to show your care to an elderly? 

Half-filled Bucket Cantonese  半桶水廣東話 (Bun3 tung2 seoi2 gwong2 dung1 waa2)

Speaking some Cantonese, but find it hard to put together what you already know? 

  • Ten 1 hr classes conducted in Cantonese, speaking oriented
  • Suitable for overseas born Chinese who have good listening comprehension and aim to elevate oral expression skill
  • Learn correct sentence structure as you speak! 
  • Guide you to learn in a more independent way by demystifying tones and romanization systems 
  • Pick up most common Cantonese expressions and slangs with colloquial Cantonese songs, engaging texts and videos
  • Discuss various topics of your choice 
  • Meet people who have similar cultural background and get support

If I were Eason Chan... 

如果我是陳奕迅  (Jyu4gwo2 ngo5si6 can4jik6seon3)

Loving coeng3 k (do karaoke)? Or you like some particular songs that you want to learn the meaning?

  • Five 1.5 hr classes about Canto-pop culture and resources 
  • Tips for perfect pronunciation
  • Classic pops from your grandma's favourites to recent artists like Faye Wong and Eason Chan
  • Difference between songs in colloquial Cantonese vs written Chinese
  • The king of Canto-pop Lyricist, and who sing in colloquial Cantonese? 
  • After the course, you will be the k wong4 / k hau6 ( kings/ queens of karaoke) or at least in the shower. And you will know where to look up for more songs.

Hong Kong Tourism 101
齊來遊香港 (cai4 loi4 jau4 hoeng1 gong2)

Only learned how to say m4goi1 (thank you) and gei2cin2 (how much) from travellers' handbooks? Try to dive deeper with this course!

  • Ten 1.5 hr classes about Hong Kong tourism hot spots, culture, language...
  • For people interested in Hong Kong or preparing for a trip
  • Orientation and key places
  • Conversations for directions, transport, shopping and food
  • Colonial history, politics, traditional customs...
  • Cultural dos and don'ts. Hints to avoid cultural shock.
  • 4 magic words to turn Hong Konger from 10-80 to your friend
  • What you can do in Hong Kong just like your grandpa did in the 70's

Cantonese Movies Club
茄哩啡開講 (Ke1 Le1 Fe1 Hoi1 Gong2)

Grew up watching Cantonese movies? No matter you enjoy kung fu, Steven Chow's comedies or would rather choose Wong Kar Wai's movies, this course is undoubtedly for cinephiles !   

  • Five 1.5 hr cultural classes about HK movies
  • Introducing the classics such as:In the mood for love 花樣年華 / Young and Dangerous 古惑仔 / A Better tomorrow英雄本色 / Bruce Lee
  • Discussion: Signature lines that turned to be local slangs and expressions 
  • HK movie jargons
  • Have your own favourite movies ? Make us a suggestion !

What are we eating tonight? 今晚食乜餸 (Gam1maan5 sik6 mat1 sung3 )

Struggling to order dimsum or Cantonese dishes at the restaurants? Or simply wish to learn a Chinese recipe or the use of an ingredient and its name ? 

  • Five 1.5 hr classes around food topics
  • Abundant food vocabulary
  • Learn some recipes
  • Word play and superstitions around festival dishes (why do we offer watermelon seeds in a red and round candy tray to visitors during Chinese New Year?) 
  • Expressions regarding food
  • Chinese table manners 

Customs, Festivals and Superstitions 節日知多啲 (zit3 jat6 zi1 do1 di1)

Interested in the traditions behind all the Chinese festivals? Or simply amazed by all the superstitions related to Chinese New Year? Don't miss this course !

  • Five 1.5 hr classes on major Chinese festivals and superstitions
  • Discover all the legends, stories and superstitions of major Chinese festivals: Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, the winter solstice… 
  • Basic concepts of Feng Shui 
  • Superstitions on numbers 
  • Unlucky words (similar pronunciation or association to a word related to death or sickness)