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Add Oil Cantonese adopts a dynamic, interactive and personalized teaching approach focusing on oral and listening skills. Small classes are organized to facilitate students' participation and we flexibly adjust to students' interests and needs.  No time to go to class right now or you prefer to sit back while enriching your Cantonese knowledge? Try out our ONLINE LESSON.

NEW! Mandarin private lessons are now available! Please message us for info. 

What's special about our class for adults?

Besides regular in-person and online lessons, Add Oil Cantonese offer themed classes including students of diverse backgrounds: overseas born Chinese to reinforce your foundation; students who communicate with your Cantonese in-laws or tourists/ expats in Hong Kong. Topics range from Canto pop & movies, slangs & idioms, parenting Cantonese to Chinese customs and superstitions. 

Add Oil Cantonese has been driven to create our curriculum, grammar exercises and fun activities to respond to students' questions and difficulties. Our approach is to guide you on how to learn Cantonese in an autodidact way, so you develop curiosity to discover more about the language. 

What's our approach to teaching children?

Add Oil Cantonese Children Classes focus on listening and speaking skills. It is catered to elevate students’ listening comprehension as well as enhance their oral expression ability with confidence. Bearing in mind that children learn best through play, we strive for creating a fun learning environment for our students in order to sow the seeds of interests at an early age, hopefully these seeds would grow into an intrinsic drive for them to carry on this learning journey.

Our classes are engaging, a creative pedagogy is put in place to guide your child to speaking Cantonese in a stimulating and inviting dynamic. 

Who are the teachers?

Some people call us Cantonese crusaders, but we are only a team of people who love Cantonese and Chinese using our passion and our skills to pass on the richness of this language and its culture to like-minded people.

In view of the lack of Cantonese learning resources, we are dedicated to creating our own class plans and teaching materials, based on our experience in teaching Cantonese since 2006, 

 to adapt to the needs of foreign born Chinese learners . 

We are polyglots, learning languages is our part time job, so we completely understand what it is about. Check out our bio to know more. 
Still not sure? You can also read the testimonials written by our students and their parents. 

Ready to blow water?

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