Cantonese Themed Lessons Online

You are interested in learning Cantonese in a particular area? Perhaps you just want to please your in-laws or would love to learn more about Chinese festivals and its food?  Canto pop fans? Themed lessons are tailor-made for YOU ! 

  • Given online 2-4 persons
  • Short course of 5 lessons per theme (except Hong Kong Tourism 101 that comes with 10 lessons)
  • Themes rotate and change each month

Regular Online Lesson

We offer 1 on 1 online lesson to individuals who would like to actively immerse in a Cantonese conversation on a regular basis. We believe this is the key to your success in being able to speak the language spontaneously and using it at more ease while boosting your confidence.  You may also form your group if you have friends interested !

  • Flexible schedule and duration: 45 or 60 mins
  • No time constraint
  • Choose whatever topics that are of your interest
  • 100% tailor-made private lessons
  • Sit back at your couch while having a productive lesson


Cantonese class in Montreal

  • Beginner 1-3, Elementary, inter-advanced
  • Session of 12 weeks, 1.5 hours per class
  • Max. 8 students
  • Classroom in downtown Montreal (near Concordia metro)

Playgroup for Parents & Kids

We are aware that many parents do not know how to begin teaching their kids Cantonese/ Chinese, this is especially true for parents who do not speak Cantonese as their first language. Don't worry ! Add Oil Cantonese has something for you ! 

cantonese playgroup